Tigran Avinyan holds discussion on Kond district

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On September 9, the task force, which coordinates work on the development of Kond residential district’s historical-urban environment and tourism infrastructure, held its first sitting, chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan. Addressing the meeting, the Deputy Prime Minister stated, in part:

“The formation of this interdepartmental task force is especially significant in that we will discuss urban development issues concerning the Kond residential district at a state level. A comprehensive study will be carried out to explore the project’s historical, architectural, economic, seismic and other aspects.

I would like to note that a clear-cut concept for the development of Kond shall be worked out in an effort to preserve the historical and urban environment of one of the oldest districts in our capital. As a result, we will have a “revived” district at the heart of Yerevan.

At the same time, we expect to boost the local economy and tourism, as well as to improve the architectural environment, infrastructures and services, and generate new jobs.

Today we will focus on the tender to be announced for Kond’s new conceptual sketch project, which had been presented to the stakeholders, including the professional community for discussion by several architects. The project was finalized based on their proposals and recommendations.

Please be advised that after follow-up discussions and upon the final approval by the task force, an open international tender will be announced for the development of a complete, unified concept for Kond district.”

Various issues related to the project were discussed and further steps were outlined during the meeting.

The Deputy Prime Minister instructed to post the draft tender on the e-draft.am online platform for public discussion until its final approval.

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