Service delivery office models discussed in Government

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On September 4, different models for delivery of services by central and local self-government entities were discussed in Government, chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan. Addressing the meeting, the Deputy Prime Minister stated:

“Dear Colleagues,

Today we will discuss issues related to state-administered and community services. There are several ways for government agencies and local authorities to keep in touch with citizens and businesses, including the provision of public services. The quality and efficiency of services provided by central and local self-government entities often determine the attitude of citizens and businesses to public authorities.

Today we start a series of discussions on public administration reforms, which mainly concern public and community services. The agenda of reforms in the tertiary sector will be related to institutional and procedural mechanisms of service delivery.

In the near future we will discuss:
– modernization of state-administered services, the choice of the best model and the most appropriate institutional framework;
– the need to develop an effective policy for quality management and control over the provision of services;
– the possibility of launching alternative methods of providing public services using digital, innovative technologies and tools;
– ensuring comprehensive interaction between state bodies.

This is our common agenda. Today we will focus on issues related to service office models.”

The proposed models and the steps to take ahead were discussed during the meeting.

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