Once you visit Armenia, a piece of it will remain with you forever

by Աննա Կոստանյան 21.10.2020 - 18:37
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ARMENIA, the land you love, is calling for you…
With its picturesque beauty, peace-loving people and superbly rich Heritage, Armenia most certainly
doesn’t leave anyone indifferent.
Once you visit Armenia, a piece of it will remain with you forever.
So as you read this, I ask you to recall what impressed you most from the moments you spent here or
among the things you heard about this land.
Was it one of the many churches that date back to the 4th century, maybe it was the genuine kindness of
the people that touched you most, or perhaps it was the mouthwatering food you had…
But today, this land is in real pain.
On September 27th, and precisely on the World Tourism Day, a piece of Armenia, the land of Artsakh,
was attacked violently and mercilessly by Azerbaijan, with direct involvement of Turkey and pro-Turkish
foreign terrorist fighters.
The Azerbaijani government has been practicing strict censorship on its social media platforms and the
internet, leaving its people in the dark without access to the real facts. It is also attempting to keep the
truth from the world by not allowing unbiased foreign media coverage on its land. However, the world is
not blind, and the international community has already started condemning the aggressive acts towards
Artsakh and the peaceful civilians.
Cultural assets and historical sites are not being spared either, becoming the target of deliberate
destruction in an attempt of wiping out the Armenian cultural memory and Heritage that has been in this
land for countless centuries. Artsakh is an inseparable part of the world and a real treasure to be
discovered, admired and preserved by the present and coming generations. It is home to an uncountable
number of historical-cultural-natural-human heritage and all these are in danger today.
We call upon you to talk about what’s happening here, to post about it on your socials. Speak out
and make the truth resonate loud so that no one can ignore it and so that justice takes its course.
The world should know that the Armenian population is the target of ethnic cleansing in its historic
homeland… once again.
Currently your help is indispensable whereas your silence may have irreversible consequences. With
your support you can provide humanitarian aid for this innocent population who are being deprived of
their right to simply exist and live independently on their land.
Finally when all of this is over and there is peace in our homeland, it will be our greatest pleasure to
meet you here again, and even though wounded, to be sharing our victory with you accompanied by a
sincere smile from our hearts.

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