Masks to be mandatory in parks and urban squares

by Աննա Կոստանյան 12.09.2020 - 21:27
12.09.2020 - 21:27 views

Ministry of Health has set list of individual protection means, cases and rules of applying them, epidemiological safety rules.

According to them, the established epidemiological safety rules are spread in the whole territory of Armenia.

Wearing masks in closed territories is mandatory for all, with the exclusion of children under 5, in the place of living, driving in own car, smoking, drinking, eating.

According to set rules, children under 5 are allowed not to wear masks. People making speech during the events chaired by the president, catholicos, NA speaker, prime minister, CC chairman, Supreme Judicial Council chairman are allowed to do it without masks.

Masks are not mandatory for people with chronic respiratory diseases but only in conditions of having medical documents confirming the disease.

Besides, masks are not mandatory while making physical exercises and during cycling.

People may not wear masks in specially separated open-air territories, in beaches, mountains, woods and other such like territories but not in parks, urban squares, botanical garden and zoo etc.

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