A call to establish a new anti-terrorism coalition

by Աննա Կոստանյան 7.10.2020 - 12:36
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Today Artsakh and Armenia are literally on the frontline of a fight against global terrorism.
However, the peculiarity of our case is that the enemy, threatening the existence of a global civilization, has turned against our Homeland disguised under the flag of a UN member state, as part of that state’s standing army and very often instead of that standing army.
In the contemporary world where it is virtually impossible to conceal anything, the entire world have witnessed and stated the penetration of the jihadi terrorist network in Azerbaijan. It is no longer a secret for any state that the target of that heinous terrorist network is the peaceful population of Artsakh and Armenia, our cities and villages, and our right to determine our destiny.
Turkey which is carring out the continuous sustenance and management of this terrorist network, today upon the approval of the opportunist authorities of Baku, exploits Azerbaijan as a tool to create a new spot of global terrorism in the South Caucasus. I am confident that any responsible member of the international politics, be it a state or an international organization, clearly realizes the dangerous consequences of such developments.
The memories of the outcomes of the attempts by jihadist bandits to create a state-like entity in Iraq and Syria are still fresh. All the states in the world have their roll in disrupting Turkey’s plans to turn Azerbaijan into a den of terrorism in the South Caucasus. Both Armenia and Artsakh are today on the frontline of this battle, because they have encountered the challenge with dignity. However, this is not solely the responsibility of Artsakh and Armenia.
As the President of a country which struggles for its independence I call upon the civilized world to actively participate in this battle. The establishing of an efficient and effective global anti-terrorism coalition is an imperative.
We will win, I am confident.
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